Jarmila Pittermann, head honcho
Post Doc  Miller Institute for Basic Research, UC Berkeley, advisor: Dr. Todd Dawson
PhD  University of Utah, advisor: Dr. John Sperry
MSc University of Toronto, advisor: Dr. Rowan Sage
B. Arts & Sci.  McMaster University, advisor: Dr. John Lott



Kate Cary, Doctoral Student
Kate is interested in the effects of soil composition and nutrient levels on plant performance and community structure.  Click on Kate's photo for her website.
Helen Holmlund, PhD Student
Helen is interested in fern ecophysiology, specifically traits that contribute to survival in ferns during California's severe drought. (click on photo for link to personal website)

Ronnie Eldredge Appleseed, Senior Undergraduate Student

Ronnie is characterizing the seasonal growth patterns of our campus ferns, and is interested in how climate impacts plant phenology and development. 




Dr. Emily Burns, Research Associate and Director of Science and Education at the Save the Redwoods League 

Dr. Burns received her B.Sc. at UC Davis followed by a Ph.D. at UC Berkeley in Dr. Todd Dawson's lab.  Ferns and redwoods are her passions, as are cats and turtles.



Lab Alumni and their current positions
Post-Doctoral Associates
Dr. James Wheeler, stay tuned!
Dr. Craig Brodersen, Assistant Professor, Yale University
Dr. Emily Burns, Director of Science, Save the Redwoods League
Sarah Tepler Drobnitch graduated in 2016! Click here to access her website! 
Visiting Students
Daniel Wallick, now an undergraduate at Swarthmore College
Jessica Paucard (MSc), Universite Clermont-Ferrand, France,
Marilyne Allietta (MSc), Universite Clermont-Ferrand, France
Astrid Moreau (MSc), Bordeaux University, France
Lauren Poster, currently enrolled at Rutgers University, New Jersey
Jennifer Mahley, environmental scientist, Berkeley, CA
Alex Chacon, environmental scientist with the City of Los Angeles
Alex Baer, MSc. candidate, California State University, Bakersfield
Corinna Likes, Teaching assistant, Los Angeles
Madelynn Taylor, Research Assistant, Stanford University
Paige Prentice, Research assistant, Borneo; orangutan conservation
Christopher Rico, Technical Specialist, Pioneer Inc.
Jon Lance, University of Hawaii, MSc student 
Nathan Kaufman, Urban Adamah Conservation Group
Elaine Zhang, California Academy of Sciences
Stephanie Ko, California School of Podiatry Medicine
Sherwin Bastami
Lindsey Roark
Joshua Cowan
Lab Manager
Lucy Lynn, High School Science Teacher
Visiting Scholars
Dr. Ying Sang, Northeastern Forestry University, Harbin, China
Dr. Orlando Guenni, Facultad de Agronomia, Instituto de Botanica Agricola Maracay, Venezuela